Destiny 2 Carry Trials Carry

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Return of the Trials Carry

Guaranteed Flawless Trials Carry

It's back guardians!  Trials have finally returned to Destiny 2.  Remember when they first released in Destiny 1 and everybody wanted the Elemental Primary weapons?  They were the good old days.  Well we have good news for you, guardian, we offer Guaranteed Trials Flawless Recoveries, and two packages of Guaranteed Trials Flawless Carries.  One for a player with a 1.5KDA or higher via Destiny Tracker.  We also have a package for players under a 1.5KDA.  You can view D2-Legit's Trials Guarenteed Flawless Packages here.

What weapons is everybody going to be using?  Will we steer away from the Spare Ration Mindbender and play like the good old Mida Multi Tool Last Hope combo?  Well it would be new and improve because Last Hope now has Rangefinder & Tap the Trigger or Zen Moment now.  Destiny 2 Trials Flawless Carries have always been around, us Destiny 2 Boost Squad members here at are just proud to be able to offer it to you finally now for the first time.  Guess it's time to start pulling up Trials Report to my favorites again!

Thanks for your time!
All of us here at D2-Legit.

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