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Upcoming Destiny 2 Weapon Balance Changes

The upcoming season of Destiny 2 is just around the corner. D2-Legit dropped the curtains on some of the significant changes coming with the new season. To start things off, we will now have magnifying glasses on weapons. There will be new Nightfall difficulty, officially referred to as "Grandmaster", that will test the skills of even the most skillful Guardians.


There are also preparations underway for a new PvE challenge coming on a later date in the new season. The auto-reload effect from Lunafaction Boots and Rally Barricade also got removed. People are getting curious if, "PvE will be getting changes this season as well or not?" For now, let us see what other prominent changes will be coming with the new season of [Redacted].


Destiny 2 Sword Changes


One of the most noticeable changes is how the swords will work. It is not yet confirmed, but there might be a new sword or the returning Exotic sword. Destiny 2 sword sandbox update will include the shield bypass mechanic to the heavy weapons, and also a new sword energy feature. Moreover, there will also be changing in the sword mechanics for light attacks, massive attacks and guarding.


Destiny 2 weapon balance reworks


The Developer team revealed that alongside the sword's boost, there are quite some weapon prototypes which will also be modified. Although there will be more updates coming later, we will cover some of the prominent weapon changes so far.


Izanagi's Burden


Ever since the introduction of a catalyst for Izanagi's Burden, there has been a significant rise in its usage. There are numerous effective ending builds where the requirement of the Izanagi's Burden is compulsory. It has flawless burst, and sustain damage, special ammo, and protection for being a Sniper Rifle. 


  • The Outlaw trait got replaced with the No Distractions, to make sure that attribute on the weapon will still work with Honed Edge.


Grenade Launchers


Due to archetype adjustments and new perks, Grenade Launchers got quite robust ever since Season of the Drifter. Some significant changes include:


  • The conversion of Aggressive Frame grenade launchers into Rapid-Fire Frame grenade launchers.
  • Rapid-Fire Frame Grenade Launchers have increased reserves, but the damage is lower now, to accommodate for their Rate of Fire (0.8x).
  • Damage to Major enemies and above by Power weapon Grenade Launchers is now reduced by ~10%.


The Last Word


The trials proved useful to change it back as a hip-fire based weapon, while also improving the experience for the controller, and mouse, and keyboard inputs. When carrying this weapon, the player will have to focus more on his aim. Moreover:


  • Fan Fire impact values got adjusted.
  • Precision Hip/ADS changed from 67.95/67.95 to 68.27/52.2.
  • Non-Precision Hip/ADS rescaled from 50.01/50.01 to 38/38.
  • Aiming down sights no longer provides extra effective range (falloff damage).
  • The effective range also got reduced.
  • Fan Fire also improves precision scalar while hip-firing.
  • While hip-firing, the way target acquisition is handled is modified for an improved experience.




Players were facing an issue with the aim assist system. This system for Shotguns, at a certain distance, would aim for the head, resulting in the spread to deviate from the centre and make the player miss out on a guaranteed kill. The issue got fixed now, and there are some other changes made to Shotguns which include:


  • Target acquisition for Shotguns no longer account for precise locations.
  • Cone angle no longer adjust by the range stat.
  • Aiming down sights no longer accommodates effective range for this weapon.


Fusion Rifles


Just like Shotguns, Fusion Rifles also suffered from minor target acquisition problems which got fixed ever since. There were occasions where target acquisition would cause the player's spray to deviate, and miss the target. Backup Plan was an Exotic perk, placed on Legendary Fusion Rifles due to them being Heavy ammo weapon. During the weapon shuffle in Forsakes, the perk came along with them. It is now adjusted, making it fall in the category of the Legendary perks. The changes include:


  • Target acquisition for Fusion Rifles now got fixed to not account for the precision locations.
  • Damage falloff for the Fusion Rifles archetype can now floor from 0.75x to 0.5x.
  • Effective range and the impact of the optics stat for this weapon archetype now got reduced across the board.


§  Backup Plan


  • When active, Backup Plan will adjust the impact to match the Rapid-Fire sub-archetype.
  • Active charge time will now set to match the Rapid-Fire's sub-archetype * 0.85.


Sniper Rifles


The boost in the PvE damage given to the Sniper Rifles in Shadowkeep got removed for a bunch of reasons.

They have a lot of utility and protection due to their range, and the increased damage was giving them too much edge on their closer range peers.


The direct changes to Adaptive and Rapid-Fire Snipers make the contrast in the sub-archetypes more stimulating. It is also to give some consistency with the adjustments to Shotguns and Fusion Rifles.


  • Damage to Major enemies and above now reduced to ~-20%.
  • Adaptive Snipers precision multiplier rescaled from 3.25x to 2.95x.
  • Rapid-Fire Snipers base impact also reduced from 100 to 90 damage.


Auto Rifles


Minor adjustments were required to give Auto Rifles a little boost in efficacy for the Crucible. The changes were necessary to provide Auto Rifles more chance in an open fight without dragging the TTK of the entire game down. The difference in impact values now are:


  • Precision Frame: 17/27.2 rescaled from 17/25.5
  • Adaptive Frame: 15.75/25.2 rescaled from 13.75/22
  • Rapid-Fire Frame: 13.4/20.1 rescaled from 12.5/18.75


Lord of Wolves


The ease of use given to Release the Wolves, made it very hard to approach and resulted in a massive margin of error. However, two states are now set apart in a way that default state is the usual, rather than the exception. With this change:


  • Release the Wolves is more effective when used closer to the large targets.
  • Activation of Release the Wolves now reduces this weapon's accuracy.


What are your thoughts on the Destiny 2 weapon changes update? Please share them with us.


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