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Emblems in stock near with near instant delivery! All boosting services on hold until further notice. Yes we're back for emblems only delayed deliveries due to volume. Sheesh I missed you guys! —Billy

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This is a product assortment of cheap Apex Legends Boosting that D2-Legit's Boost Squad has to offer.  We offer cheap Apex Legends Ranked Boost, Kill Boosts, Win Boosts, and Badge or Achievement Boosts.

Why D2-Legit for your Apex Legends Boost needs? 
Our order turnover is fast and our staff is full of the best each platform has to offer.  Our Apex Legends Pro's also stream for no additional charge.

How long do Apex Legends Boosts take?
It depends on the order, ranked boosts take some time to complete.  Orders usually start the same day as they are placed.

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