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Collection: Pinnacle Weapons Destiny 2 Boost

Destiny 2 Boost - Cheap Destiny 2 Pinnacle Weapon Account Recovery

Collection includes full completions of all Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard Pinnacle weapons available.  Let our Destiny 2 Boost team do your full completion of Not Forgotten, Recluse, Mountaintop, Randy's Throwing Knife, Luna's Howl, Python, Exit Strategy, Hush, and every other Destiny 2 Pinnacle Weapon.  Buy your Not Forgotten today!  All full Destiny 2 Pinnacle weapons available!  Be sure to check out Bundle options!

No Guardian's arsenal is complete without a Not Forgotten, get your Not Forgotten Cheap today!  If you have the Luna's & Kills Check our Destiny 2 Glory Boosting collection for even an even cheaper alternative!  Thanks for checking us out here at D2-Legit, hope to be getting you a Cheap Destiny 2 Pinnacle Weapon soon!
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