Destiny 2 Carry Trials Carry

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Collection: Raid & Dungeon Carry or Recovery Destiny 2 Boost

Destiny Boost - Full Raid Carries and Raid Recoveries.

Full assortment of Destiny 2 Raid Carry or Destiny 2 Raid Recovery options.  Buy full Destiny 2 Raid Clears!  Isn't it annoying spending hours in LFG groups for Destiny 2 Raids?  People who don't know what they're doing, keep wiping you over something dumb.  Not our Destiny 2 Boost Team.  Our Boosters take your time seriously, and value it highly.  We fill the Destiny 2 Boost order as quickly and efficiently as possible getting you through the content and to the reward!  Why not go with D2-Legit's Raid Clear Recovery option discounted in Bundle Packages!

If you're looking for specific items; We sell the full Divinity and you can Buy God Roll Destiny 2 Items from D2-Legit's Item Shop

You name the Destiny 2 Raid we'll Boost you through it.  Crown of Sorrow, Garden of Salvation, Last Wish Riven Kill x3, Leviathan, Spire of Stars, Pit of Heresy, Last Wish, Scourge of the Past, The Shattered Throne, and more.  Destiny 2 Boost services available on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam.  Check out our Bundles for discounts!  Best Destiny Boost provider you can find!  Shop today!  

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