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Emblems in stock near with near instant delivery! All boosting services on hold until further notice. Yes we're back for emblems only delayed deliveries due to volume. Sheesh I missed you guys! —Billy

Destiny 2 Glory Boost

5,500 Glory Rank Legend Boost

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Cheap Destiny 2 Glory Boost to 5,500 -  Carry or Account Recovery to Glory rank Legend buy your not forgotten today!

Purchase includes guaranteed Glory boost to Legend (5,500 Glory) in Destiny 2 and all loot acquired.  Both Account Recovery and Carry options are available for this purchase.   

The Carry option is for a play along with our Destiny 2 Boost Squad members to get the glory needed for Recluse, Revoker, Luna's Howl, and Randy's throwing knife as well as the almighty Not Forgotten .  Destiny 2 Glory Boosting at it's best - you won't have to do a thing!  Purchase also comes with optional coaching for the duration by our Destiny 2 Carry Squad Member's.  Remember Guardian, this purchase only covers glory, not kills!- as you will be playing your own account.

If you want a quick cheap glory boost to 5,500 the recovery option i for you.  Just let out Boost Squad hop into the Competitive playlist and let loose!  Cheap Destiny 2 Glory Boosting services available on Xbox 1, PS4, and Steam.