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Altar of Sorrow Weapon Farm

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Altar of Sorrow Weapon Farm Destiny 2 Boosting

Account recovery.  We will log on and farm the daily weapon drops of your choice - if you buy a bulk amount and we get the God Roll you're looking for we stop and refund you the rest. 

Pick between;

Apostate - One of the best energy Sniper Rifles in the game.  Can roll with Quickdraw or snapshot - high aim assist.  The Apostate is a good gun and the Altar of Sorrows Farm is worth doing to get it.

Blasphemer - Quickdraw Opening Shot capable Kinetic Slug Shotgun?  This Altar of Sorrows shotgun Blasphemer really puts down the competition, the range really shines in Crucible.

Heretic - Don't buy this it's a waste of your money.  Check out something useful, here's our Trials Carry Packages.

This Destiny 2 Boost Service is offered on Xbox, PS4, and Steam.  Let D2-Legit's Boost Squad Farm your perfect Destiny 2 Items Cheap!