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Garden of Salvation Raid Divinity Destiny 2 Recovery

Garden of Salvation Raid

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Garden of Salvation Raid Carry or Recovery

Purchase includes one full cheap Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid Clear with optional challenge.  Let us help you get all your Pinnacle gear and raid weapons from Garden of Salvation.  Stay relevant light for Trials of Osiris and get high enough to do them Ordeal farms.  Not to mention his raid has some of the best destiny 2 weapons that have ever been released.  To name a few; 

  • Accrued Redemption Bow - One of the best Kinetic bows in the game for both pvp and pve.  Accrued Redemption God Roll: Rapid Hit Archer's Tempo with max draw time reduction.
  • Zealot's Reward Fusion Rifle- Fun to use void energy rapid fire frame Fusion.  With the right perks near instant one shot projectiles.  Zealot's Reward God Roll: Under Pressure Backup Plan.
  • Reckless Oracle Auto Rifle - Rapid fire frame void auto rifle.  Good for Season of the Worthy Crucible meta.  Reckless Oracle God Roll: Outlaw Kill Clip.
  • Prophet of Doom - Energy Arc Damage Precision Frame Shotgun.  This baby packs a punch at some pretty impressive range.  Prophet of Doom God Roll: Slideways Opening Shot
  • Sacred Provenance - Kinetic Pulse rifle with an aggressive frame.  Tons of options to make this incredibly well performing pulse a good option.  God Roll: Rapid Hit Kill Clip or Rapid Hit Head Seeker (Head seeker is good on Aggressive Frames).
  • Ancient Gospel - Solar Energy 140 class Hand Cannon with exceptional range because of specific perk rolls.  it feels a bit clunky to shoot but is definitely a go to for some of our Destiny 2 Boost Squad members.  Ancient Gospel God Roll: Slide Shot Range Finder or Rapid Hit Kill Clip. 
  • Omniscient Eye- Solar damage energy Sniper Rifle.  With a base of 74 aim assist this rapid fire frame, like most, is sticky.  Available rolls make it snappy with even more aim assist.  This is one of the best sniper choices in the game, by a long shot.  Omniscient Eye God Roll: Mulligan Snap Shot

Choose between Account Recovery or Carry.  This D2-Legit Destiny 2 Boost Squad product is  Available on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.  3-Packs available in Bundles.