Destiny 2 Carry Trials Carry

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Destiny 2 Glory Boost Recluse

2,100 Fabled Glory Boost

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Destiny 2 Glory Boost 2,100 Glory Rank Fabled Cheap Account Recovery or Carry

Destiny 2 Glory Boosting Service.  This purchase includes a Destiny 2 Glory Boost to the score of 2,100 - nothing else.  A Glory Boost to 2,100 meets the necessary amount of glory for most Destiny 2 Pinnacle Weapons.  This does not include kills for any pinnacle weapon or any extra wins for the Recluse Submachine Gun.  Destiny 2 Glory Boosting is all that is included in this cheap Destiny 2 account recovery. 

The Carry option is for a play along with Destiny 2 Boost Squad members to get the glory needed for Recluse, Revoker, and Randy's throwing knife.  Destiny 2 Glory Boosting at it's best - you won't have to do a thing!  Purchase also comes with optional coaching for the duration by our Destiny 2 Carry Squad Member's.  Remember Guardian, this purchase only covers glory, not kills!- as you will be playing your own account.  

This is a Destiny 2 Carry for Steam, Xbox, or PS4 for D2.  Don't worry about a thing just play along with the pro's and have fun!  You'll end up with the Glory to get a few Destiny 2 Pinnacle Weapons, and walk away an improved Crucible player!  There's just something about playing crucible with top 1% players that makes you better.