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Emblems in stock near with near instant delivery! All boosting services on hold until further notice. Yes we're back for emblems only delayed deliveries due to volume. Sheesh I missed you guys! —Billy

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Mindbender’s Ambition 3 Pack Farm

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Destiny 2 Account Recovery.  Tired of getting mapped in Crucible?  Let us get you the gear you need to succeed.  Wether it be Rifled Barrel Accurized Rounds Snapshot Sights Quickdraw or the Curated - we'll get it.  We log on and run nightfalls until our thumbs bleed - all items will be in inventory/vault.  Will stop if we acquire the rolls you want and refund the rest.  Must be the current nightfall!  The Mindbender's Ambition 3 Pack Farm is the perfect project for D2-Legit's Destiny 2 Boosters to tackle for you.