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Spicy  Play with a Fortnite Pro

Play with our Fortnite Pro - 2 Hours

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Play with Fortnite Pro Spicy.  D2-Legit's pro Spicy (find him on Twitch - he’s that good) will do anything you want for two hours give or take.  Wether it be Fortnite Coaching, a duo Partner for easy wins, or you’re a live-streamer looking to spice it up with Spicy - we’re here to accommodate 2 hours at a time.  Booking requires 1-2 day lead time (excluding priority orders).  

Unlike most competitors, we take pride in our cyber athletes - providing you with the pro before you spend money.  You can’t go wrong with Spicy, you’ll walk away a new player.  Flat rate.

Check our featured Play with a Fortnite Pro Spicy's stats here.